Wednesday, June 29, 2011


How the perspective changes. We have a confirmed booking for the 9th - so much better than the 20th - so we are very relieved. Now if they had told me on Monday that my flight was cancelled until the 9th I would have been sad but now that I was first told that I couldn't go home till the 20th - I am happy with the 9th - funny eh? Anyway that's the latest so we'll be back to our Ecuador Experience before we know it!

Monday, June 27, 2011


Ok I know it's been awhile - but really I have been super busy flitting from one end of the country to the next in a bid to pack as much into the month I had here. This week was supposed to be about sorting out my suitcases (with all the Vegemite I have to take back for Amanda) and saying goodbye. But of course the plans of mice and men are apt to go astray and sadly there is no possible way for me to leave the country- thanks to the Chilean Volcanic ash situation. The upshot is that Aaron and I are stuck here till the 20th of July - barring another eruption. So upsetting not only for me and Aaron but also Mark and Amanda who are rattling around our big house. Poor things.
So on to happier things - it has been wonderful being with all the family especially the newest addition - she is of course the most beautiful baby in all the world. It was hard saying goodbye to her the other day (oh just thought - maybe I could go and see her again - big smile now). Of course with the advent of Skype it will be possible to talk to her everyday so it's not so bad.

I will post a bit of a rundown of the highlights of my trip at a later stage - all that is in my head at the moment are the lowlights!

Little update - our travel agent is working hard to get us on a earlier flight - here's hoping that we can go on the 9th of July instead - I will keep you posted.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hi from Auckland

Hey - I am back in the land of the long white cloud but everything is slightly hazy. I am waiting here at the airport to grab a flight to Gisborne and there is free internet so why not update you on my trip from H...
I shouldn't say that really because there were some nice parts to it. When Mark and I arrived in Guayaquil we spotted a couple from the english congregation who were flying back to the States and their plane was leaving 10 minutes after mine. That made Mark happy because he could leave me in their capable hands and get himself back on the bus to Cuenca.
Flight to Chile was fine - it arrived in Santiago at 5am and I waited patiently until 9.30pm  in the airport expecting to get on my flight to NZ. Not to be - it was cancelled and at 11.45pm I finally found my way into the bed airline provided. In the Sheraton no less! Shame I couldn't enjoy it for long as we had to be back out at the airport at 7am. The plane left at 10 thankfully but sadly that meant that I missed my connection to Gisborne. I was able to buy another ticket though (and it cost a pretty penny)  -  it leaves at 6.10pm - I should arrive to meet my grand daughter at 7.10pm after 62 hours travelling and only 6 hours proper sleep. Oh the joys.
Anyway that's what happens with travelling so you just got to go with it. At least I am safe and sound - I bet I look a right sight though!