Friday, December 31, 2010

Crazy time of Year again!

Not quite sure of the significance of jumping over the burning effigy- will have to find that out!

Hey can I see someone I know in there?
Well it's going to be a noisy night tonight - being New Year and all (of course NZ is already in the future - how's the year shaping up guys?) We are soon flying up to Quito so while we will be escaping the noise here in Cuenca - I am sure there will lots more up there!

So we are off on a little tiki tour to show the boys some of the country - we go to Quito, Otavalo, Tena, Puyo (where the monkies are for Aaron) Banos and Riobamba - hopefully we can do the Devils Nose Train Ride but unfortunately I have a bad back at the moment so that might be out of the question. Anyway - what ever we do, we should have plenty of stories to tell when we get back. Nos Vamos!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Amazing Race 2010

Amazingly enough I was able to put this together despite all the craziness going on in our house. As you can see it is in 2 parts and the quality unfortunatly is not the best. For some reason I could not get the videos saved any other way. But never mind - you will get the drift!

Aaron and the boys are not just playing while they are here - they have been out in service nearly everyday, helping out the English congregation. They came to our mid week meeting too the other day and I was so proud of Peneti - he answered in Spanish! What a guy! Aaron did too of course but he has a lot more spanish under his belt!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Preview of the Amazing Race Cuenca 2010

Aaron shines the shoes of a stranger

Chad asks some random dude what Luke 23.43 says

Winners of the first leg of the race


Awh ain't that sweet!

Fernando - our native quichwa!

Peneti - get out of that dress!

Damaris makes friends with  the Senora for a photo
Chad's guy looks unimpressed with the job he's doing

Someone else just had their day made for them

Where am I?

Hey wait up girls!
So I couldn't help myself - I had to organize another Amazing Race even though I had sworn never to do it again! But what can I say - except that I love organizing stuff like this. We invited the folks from our Language Course (and a couple of ring-ins) and the day went off very well apart from some unexpected hitches (mostly my fault, with a couple of the clues) Everyone found their way to the finish line though so it all turned out good in the end. Of course I am working on a video to show you some of the crazy things the contestants had to get up to - with our schedule at the moment though-who knows when it will be finished - these photos will give you an idea though.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Well they are here and getting right into it!

Amanda enjoys seeing what goodies Aaron brought for her!

Chase tries his first chicken head - beak and all!

And Peneti makes us proud by giving it a go at the language course.
(Chase and Aaron did too in case you were wondering.) If you listen closely Peneti decides that if you add an 'O' to any name - it will sound spanish!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The countdown until Aaron and his mates come - lied! He is in Ecuador but won't be with us until tomorrow - can hardly wait! We won't have to wait too long though because he has been in touch to say they will come by plane instead of bus - a 1/2 hour trip as opposed to a 4 hour one - good thinking eh? Party time tomorrow! Bring it on!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

What a woman!

Sorry about the sound quality - what you miss hearing is that she says - Matt chapter Six - Huevos (eggs instead of verses) 9 and 10. I just love how she has a good laugh about it!
I just love this photo of her - she is having so much fun - just shows, you are never too old!
Elsie is in our Spanish class and she just gives us all such warm and fuzzy feelings. She is 85 years old and has only just arrived to live here a month ago (with her son-in-law and daughter). What a great old girl - imagine trying to learn another language at 85 years old? She's trying very hard and doing so well - and inspiration for us all!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I know I am a bit slack...

...but really there is not much to report. We all have our heads down and tails up trying to get through all the homework for our language course and fit in our ministry time of course. We are all also bracing ourselves for the onslaught that is Aaron and his friends coming next week - it's going to be crazy!
Had a nice experience the other day when I was invited to go along with Amanda to the Chinese study she has in a town not far from here. It struck me how special this is to be serving together in a foreign land and also how cool it is that she is now speaking 3 languages! Who would have thought!
Just to show it is not all work and no play - here is a photo taken of us and the Lopez family from Amanda's congregation. They invited us over for lunch the other day, which was very nice - they are such sweeties!