Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Needs a little sun on those legs right?
So the English Convention has come around again and we are off down to Guayaquil on Thursday. Here's a photo of Mark dressed in his costume (for those who haven't yet had their convention - I am not saying who he is). We had a great laugh the other night when the doorbell rang and he was dressed like this - thinking it was someone we knew he went out to the gate only to find a couple of strangers asking for money. (That is something they do here - knock on doors and show you a medical bill that they have so you will give them something towards it). Well do you know that their faces never registered any sort of shock or puzzlement - they must have just thought that was the crazy gringo's night attire or something. It was hilarious for us anyway!
So looking forward to convention and amazingly to the heat of Guayaquil - it has been so cold here with not many glimpses of the sun. When it does show it's face we all go aaahhhh!
So no doubt I will have another New Zealand photo to show you all next week - I wonder who will be there this time?

Friday, July 22, 2011

Panoramic of Ecuador

Just found a funky feature on my phone - so here is a panoramic of Cuenca from out field service this morning... :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chinese Rules!

Have I mentioned lately how exciting Chinese is?
Lately I've been doing telephone witnessing with our new Chinese publisher Yan Xiao Mei - so far we have started 3 studies by phone and she loves it. The other night just before I went to sleep one of the calls rang me back, just to say that now her son was asleep and she would like to talk some more about the Bible. So we read some scriptures and she thanked me very much since she has no one else to talk to about the Bible. I look forward to meeting her face to face one of these days. 
Also one of the studies I've been looking after for Damaris who lives close to our house - wants to come to the meetings. But since our Chinese meetings are at night I offered to take him to Spanish and translate. He rang me 4 times this Sunday to see if we could go (unfortunately I had forgotten so I told him definitely next week - my bad!) 
The week after the English Convention we are going to Peru for a week. Trujillo - 'the city of eternal spring' is packed with Chinese people and no one to witness to them. Also apparently near a good surfing beach...but that's beside the point. The plan is to get lots of phone numbers or email/messenger contacts because I have a feeling it won't be long until we have another Chinese publisher :)
And some time after all of this excitement there will be a sister from Luxemburg Chinese coming to stay with us for a week or so. CHINESE RULES!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

I am finally here!

Hi All,

Well I am finally here to stay. It took abit to get over the jet lag.... But im ready to get into it!

As of yet, I am not currently in a congregation - but after talking with the circuit overseer I have a couple of choices - more on that when im settled though. Looks like I will definatly be in a different congregation to the padres and amanda though.

In the mean time - im going preaching with Dad and amanda - even going to the chinese meeting, which amanda kindly gave me an answer in (even though i didnt get to say it)

Any way - just wanted to say hola.


This is for Michele

I got to see Chase while I was in NZ and he sang me THE song - it reminded me that I had videoed him especially for Michele - so here you are Chica - does it bring back memories?
I am sure everyone else will enjoy it too. Go Chase!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hola de nuevo!

Finally I am coming out of my jetlag fog and getting back to normal sleep patterns. I decided last night it was about time I got out witnessing again so would make sure I got out of bed in time. Morning came and it was so hard to haul myself up but was I glad I did when I read todays text (Go to the ant you lazy one!). Hehe!
Anyway I was also very glad because I started a study so my spanish obviously is not too rusty!

We had the mid week meeting last night and it was so nice to be back with my congo. Got lots of hugs and kisses and remonstrations about being away so long! I now know the words for volcanic ash really well as I had to explain the problem about 50 times over.

Ok well hopefully I will have something interesting to blog about soon. Hasta pronto!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Thanks Kiwis!

Mum and Aaron arrived around 1am last night so they are pretty knackered (so am I from waiting up). Had just enough time for Marmite on vogel toast and some chatting before we went to bed.
Thanks everyone for your notes and kind words, will really help me when I'm missing home. Its very exciting to see everyones faces in the photos, and to see the newest members of the family too. Most important Dad and I are really happy to have some people to talk to again!

Friday, July 8, 2011

About to start the long trip back to Ecuador, leaving Tauranga at 10.30 Saturday NZ time and should roll into Cuenca, no doubt tired but happy, at about 6 pm Sunday night. Of course that is waiting time included. I just hope it will not end up being like the trip over here- but at least I will have Aaron's company this time. Anyway folks back there - see you soon and folks here in NZ, see you next time and thanks for looking after me so well. xxxx

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Back to the Plantation

Mums been begging me to put something on the blog so heres some pics. Spent the day at Jenny's family Cacao Plantation on Saturday- as I've discovered its one of my favorite things to do, I've volunteered myself for whenever there is a need. But of course I've come back with a bunch of new bug bites. But it was totally worth it.