Monday, September 29, 2008

Chill Out Weekend

This weekend we had a little chill out time - starting with taking the Willis Children Ten Pin Bowling. It was fun and hopefully Doug and Lisa will lend them to us again. I have just had an email from the Scarborough family saying they are on the move this week and will be in Cuenca by Wednesday so maybe we can have their kids too with us next time.

Then on Sunday - it was voting day in Ecuador and everything gets cancelled including the meetings and field service. So we were invited along to go for a picnic with Mark and Becky and the Rulla family. It was a beautiful day and we all thoroughly enjoyed being out of the city. After eating a scrumptious lunch (southern fried chicken is delicious) we walked along the river, over a swing bridge and then back again - all the while taking silly photos or as Doug would say - NZ type photos- hah, he was the one that found the tiolet seat and put his face through it! Of course I had not check my batteries on my camera and I missed out on some good shots but hopefully I can beg,steal or borrow some one elses. We got home at around 6.30ish and Mark and Becky and Nicole (a young sister staying here from Los Vagas, who incidently her parents are at the moment hosting John and Loraine Wills in LV - small world) stayed for dinner which was a nice end to the day.

Voting day is interesting for the Ecuodorian Brothers and Sisters as they are required by law to vote. If they don't they will not get a card which must be shown when ever they do transactions - if they don't have it they can't buy or sell anything or basically do anything- it's even needed to get their kids into school. Of course there are ways and means of getting round that. Alcohol is illegal to drink on voting day, in fact they don't sell it at all from Friday to Monday, voting weekend. If you break the law, yes even gringo's, you will be thrown into jail. We really thought we could do without that experience so we stuck with coca cola!

Mark has the talk this coming weekend - no he hasn't progressed that fast - it's at the English meeting and as it is his first talk in six months he will have to do some serious practice - not just wing it like he was able to do in NZ. He has a bit of a following coming to listen to him as it may be the only talk he gives in South America before we go back to NZ in Feburary. I'm sure he will do fine, only thing is he will have to speak very slowly because a lot of Spanish speaking brothers come as they are learning english.Will let you know how it goes.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Here we are posing for a photo - when this strange feller came along. Boy there are some odd folks here in Ecuador!

Today we had a nice experience. After walking all morning we finished the territory at around 12pm and Mark and I decided we would go up the hill (by bus) and do some no en casa's. Well we didn't have much success until the very last house.When I knocked on the door - the senora looked out the window and seemed to go away again. It is sometimes difficult to get people to actually come to the door - so we thought she would be a no show. We were just about to leave when the window opened up, so I launched into my spiel. Well she listened and looked at the BT book with great interest. I told her she could have it and she was surprised I didn't want any money for it. Of course I told her we do accept donations but if she would read it I would be happy to leave it with her. Then I said my spanish was not very good but I would like to return with a friend that does speak more and talk more with her. Surprisingly she told me exactly which days she would be home so we could return. Of course I came away with the biggest smile. It had been worth the very sore feet to find her at home. Let's hope it leads somewhere - she really needs to learn there is a better life waiting for her because honestly she sure didn't have much.

Monday, September 22, 2008

A tour of our new apartamento

Mark trying out the bar complete with bar flys

Well here is the new digs - soon I hope to go shopping for some knick knacks to make it a bit more homely! It is so much warmer than the other place so even though it means more walking - I think we made a good move.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Needgreaters Anonymous Meeting

We had lunch with these two families on Thursday and because Becky interviewed us for her Blog site - we returned the favor.

All these folks have been very encouraging and supportive of us and we are thankful to have found such good friends.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Update on Butt-Ugly Couch!

This is me with my peeps this morning - can you see why I feel like a giant here? Talk about make you run to weight watchers!

Now for the update: This afternoon we were at the old house to help the sister with the stuff she had bought off us when she asked about the lounge suite. Blanca had heard me talking with another sister the other day about it and wondered if that lady had decided to buy it. Well I said no cause she had not said any more to me so Blanca's niece who was with her said she would take it. - Ok with me - gotta get rid off it and as soon as possible! Well we were just about to load it on to the truck when the first lady turned up. How embarrassing! But I just had to pull the "I don't understand spanish card" and of course they were sympathetic. Blanca's niece pulled out of the sale and all was good! So folks - if you wanted the couch - you have now missed out! Don't all cry too much will you!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

We're back Online

Mark with one of the loads
Well it has been a tiring few days - but now that the internet is changed over to the new apartment - I feel like we are finally over the worst!
Moving in Ecuador is certainly a lot different to moving in New Zealand! For one thing we don't have a car and thankfully we were able to take up the offer of a brother for some help with the majority of the gear but we also wheeled quite a few loads over in our suitcases. How come we collect so much stuff??? We have only been here 5 months and look at it all! Have to say though that is nothing to what we moved when we left our house after 12 years - so glad we had a vehicle then.
Poor Mark got a bit lost while he was wheeling a load over - the apartment we have is part of a complex with all the buildings looking the same. The door happened to be open in the one next to us so he thought - "sweet, I don't have to fumble for my keys". We are on the 4th floor so after struggling up with the suitcase in one hand, a bag in the other and one on his back (a lot like the picture shows actually) - he gets to the door he thought was ours and tries to open it. Good job the people were not home - I don't know how he would have explained himself! So of course he was doubly tired when he got home from that trip.
I will post pictures soon of the new place, once I have it shipshape - at the moment we are still finding placing for things and of course I want it to look good before I show it to the world!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Another step out of the comfort zone situation!

Oh my - talk about a freak out - I just gave a demonstration at the service meeting in front of the whole congo. Boy is that a scary situation!
First of all you have to hold the microphone (there is only one between the two of you) and I forgot for a moment to give it to my householder. Then of course because your hands are so busy, holding microphone, bible, book etc there is no way to gesture so that kind of put me off too. At one point I had to really concentrate on making my hand stop shaking as I held the mic to Lisa. On top of it all though I have been sick all week with the flu and still heavily drugged but I somehow managed to pull it off ok- Hey maybe that is why I did pull it off - yay for drugs (legal that is).

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


One slightly used, butt-ugly couch up for sale

Things either move really slow here or they go so fast your head is spinning!

As you know we have decided to move and when I rang last night to confirm the date with the lady - we were told that not only is the rent $20 cheaper now (when has that ever happened in NZ) but also that we can move in today and not start paying rent till the end of the month. Of course we will not be able to move straight in as there are a few things to organize first - like moving my lifeline, the internet, to the new place - but at least we can start moving slowly.

Also last night we sold everything we are not taking bar the ugly couch so glad we don't have to take the "devil-stove" etc with us. So folks - once again any takers on a slightly used, interchangeable, butt-ugly lounge suite??? Will be sold to the highest bidder - transport costs of course buyers responsiblity!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Moving on

Just when you think you don't have any news - you do! We are moving house!

We have been offered a 2 bedroom apartment with everything - including TV, Washing Marching, Dryer, Fridge/Freezer, microwave, 2 bathrooms - one with a spa bath, 24 hours security and even a bar with glasses! All for just $80 more than we pay here. Of course we said we would take it.

The only draw back it is a little further away from the Salon del Reino so we will have a 15 minute walk instead of a 5 minute walk. I am hoping I can talk Mark into using the taxi's more though - especially at night.

I have just talked with our landlord here and she seemed to take it ok that we are leaving - just hope we get our $1000 bond back. Actually asking around we paid way too much a deposit - generally it is just 1 months rent so I hope they don't rip us off. I don't think so though as they are nice people.

One of the biggest reasons we are happy about moving is because there have been lots of break-ins in the area and our neighbour got robbed the other day while she was out at the market for just 1 hour. We don't have much to take except of course my life line the computer but I think we are more worried about personal safety. I would hate to have our experience shattered by some lout!. Doug and Lisa had an interesting experience the other night at around 1.30 in the morning when a car drove up and the people were asking for help - they wanted to come inside and talk. Thankfully Doug stayed behind the locked security because the next day they found out the same people robbed one of the sisters in the neighbouring congregation. They must have thought the Religous people would be a soft touch and an easy in.

Anyway enough horror stories - it is not like we don't feel safe during the day or even walking at night - it is just better to be on the safe side and besides look at all the benefits we will get with our new digs. Looking forward to selling the ugly lounge suite I have too....any takers???

Thursday, September 4, 2008

He He - I am still laughing!

Gotta tell you all this - Mark was trying to say he would like to give the lady at the door an important message but he actually said he would like to give her an important massage!!!! Why did she look at him funny I wonder! She probably thought what a presumptuous gringo - as if I would let him near me! (Mind you - I know he gives pretty good massages so he could just about sell them-maybe that could be a way we stay here longer!)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New Service Year

Had a great first day of the service year out in the field today. 2 people listened with interest and I was able to leave them with the BT book with the promise to go back next week. The on the way home at around 5.30 - I managed to get one of my RV's at home and also had a chat with our neighbour. Only got rained on once and then the sun came back out so all in all a real good day.
We have not heard if our application for RP has been accepted yet (only put it in 2 months ago - I guess it is a little early to hear anything, we are in South America after all) so we are doing the hours anyway.
Really nothing much else to report except this weekend is the english meeting so we are looking forward to understanding everything and being able to sing with gusto.