Saturday, September 6, 2008

Moving on

Just when you think you don't have any news - you do! We are moving house!

We have been offered a 2 bedroom apartment with everything - including TV, Washing Marching, Dryer, Fridge/Freezer, microwave, 2 bathrooms - one with a spa bath, 24 hours security and even a bar with glasses! All for just $80 more than we pay here. Of course we said we would take it.

The only draw back it is a little further away from the Salon del Reino so we will have a 15 minute walk instead of a 5 minute walk. I am hoping I can talk Mark into using the taxi's more though - especially at night.

I have just talked with our landlord here and she seemed to take it ok that we are leaving - just hope we get our $1000 bond back. Actually asking around we paid way too much a deposit - generally it is just 1 months rent so I hope they don't rip us off. I don't think so though as they are nice people.

One of the biggest reasons we are happy about moving is because there have been lots of break-ins in the area and our neighbour got robbed the other day while she was out at the market for just 1 hour. We don't have much to take except of course my life line the computer but I think we are more worried about personal safety. I would hate to have our experience shattered by some lout!. Doug and Lisa had an interesting experience the other night at around 1.30 in the morning when a car drove up and the people were asking for help - they wanted to come inside and talk. Thankfully Doug stayed behind the locked security because the next day they found out the same people robbed one of the sisters in the neighbouring congregation. They must have thought the Religous people would be a soft touch and an easy in.

Anyway enough horror stories - it is not like we don't feel safe during the day or even walking at night - it is just better to be on the safe side and besides look at all the benefits we will get with our new digs. Looking forward to selling the ugly lounge suite I have too....any takers???


catherine said...

So you decided to take the offer. You didnt have to spend much time thinking about it. Going to the meetings with an extra 15 walk wont be too bad. I do think it would be wise to get a taxi home though. Do your meetings start at 7pm or later and is it dark when you go to the meeting

Mark and Beth said...

we have our meeting on Saturday night at 6.30 so that will be ok to walk to. The other meetings are at 7.30 - we probably could get a bus there actually. We will be fine though.

The Scottys said...

Glad to see you are leaving a great place you have found!
The nice extra things you are so deserving of a relief to know you will be safe and sound!
Perhaps Mark could offer your present landlord an IMPORTANT MASSAGE,(lol)
Possibly you will get all you bond back she will send you on a happy Passage!
Beth does the new place have an electric oven?
You will be happy cooking with ease and alot of LOVEN!!
I hope your move goes great with no problems at all, if you can get a ride home from the Kingdom Hall!

ANN; Missed you on Sunday I hope you are feeling better, faith mentioned this big word after the meeting WOW SHE IS NO QUITTER!

Lynne said...

When do you move? All sounds good - you have to be safe!! xx

The Kinlocher's said...

x-po-10-shall - thats the word she mentioned at the hall
and as you can tell i can't spell it at all!
Yes Alice I am feeling better now thanks for asking
Truth was i was home in the sun basking!
no just kidding i really was sick
but i needed to get better real quick
Graeme and Mum both needed tea and their washing to be attended to
so i couldn't lie back feeling blue!
so i down some more pills and paint on a smile
and try to think of others for just a wee while.
then mum and i take a couch each
put on the tellie with the remotes well within reach
lie back and enjoy a soap or a movie thats a treat
now if the housework was done that would be neat.
my poem is finished i can't think anymore
i have to go the work -what a bore!

The Scottys said...

Ann: You should often take some rest, cause you produce great rhyming at your best!!
Hope you had a good day, regards to all at kinloch way!!
Kia ora Amigos in spanishland! !