Monday, September 22, 2008

A tour of our new apartamento

Mark trying out the bar complete with bar flys

Well here is the new digs - soon I hope to go shopping for some knick knacks to make it a bit more homely! It is so much warmer than the other place so even though it means more walking - I think we made a good move.


The Scottys said...

Ah usted both merece el mejor, las marcas que nosotros queremos visitar su nido feĂșcho!!!

translated 1st sentence
*wow you both deserve the best, makes us want to visit your homely nest!!!

*Although you have 3 filght of stairs or a bit further to go,
jehovah will always bless you cause your going with his FLOW!!

*Nice to see that Mark has not change, the neccessties of the bar
what a great apartment exchange!!!lol

*But don't get too cozy with Ecuador our dear friends,
Us kiwis here look foward to your return at Bethlehem's END!!!

catherine said...

Wow it felt like we were there visiting you both. But you sounded exhausted Beth or was it just the video that took almost the evening to download. So have you only got one guest room if so where will Ann sleep when we visit next year?

Lynne said...

Great place! I am sure you will soon add your personal touches to make it your home away from home!

The Kinlocher's said...

Hey Catherine what you talkin about - the question is where will you sleep old girl?
thanks for the tour - that was great to check it out -would be nice to visit and see for ourselves but do you think you could get a lift installed first?

The Scottys said...

*Siblings rivalry aready,
Over a room with the single BEDDY!!
*Can another single bed fit inside the room?
ANN come and join us in swimming now it will help you upstairs with a ZOOM!!!
*Best I travel with Ann and Catherine when they come to spanishland,
They are going to need someone to keep the peace and hold their hands!!lol

Mark and Beth said...

Catherine - I am pretty exhausted - it has been a tough month, being sick and moving and trying to pioneer too. Hopefully October will treat me better. Now you and Ann stop fighting - don't worry - there is plenty of room to set up another bed - just get here!
Alice - good idea you coming and making sure they behave!

Blaine and Sharon said...

Hey you two - we love the new apartment. Wish we could come and visit it looks warmer there than here. Unfortunately I'm not allowed to fly anymore.

Marisa said...

Nice bar! (Oh, and the rest of the place looks pretty good, too.) ;)