Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Williams Family
 We've had an awesome time this last week with a lovely family from England - here spying out the land. As you can see they are a lot of fun so I reckon they would fit right in here. It's really nice to show people around Cuenca and explain why we love living here. Gives us such a lot of encouragement too to see ones like them taking on the task. So thanks for coming guys!                                                                                                        
Of course it's been Memorial Season and it was really exciting to go to one in Spanish and one in Chinese. At the Spanish sessions we had 305 in attendance - double the amount of publishers in our congregation. In the Chinese - we had 5 Chinos come which was cool - so there was a real buzz going on at both.

Aaron and Mark did an awesome job playing the songs at the memorial - was a nice surprise for everyone cause they have never had that before.

My one and only study that turned up - must have touched her heart because she said to me after "we need to be talk about me coming to the meeting" - p.s. that doesn't mean that I haven't been encouraging her at every study to come along

Friday, April 4, 2014

Hey hey - yes I am back, I know it's been awhile since my last entry, sorry about that, but as I mentioned in the last post, our life has been a bit hectic. Things are certainly a lot quieter with only 3 of us in the house - it does mean though that we have a spare bedroom with attached bathroom, should anyone be requiring accommodation - long term or short term. The room has a double bed and single bed so room for 3 and at the moment with Amanda gone, we have more space available if needed. You can contact us via the email contact request on the sidebar.

One thing that has been taking up my time too lately is I a,m now a working woman. I got a job teaching English online for a German company - Lingoda. It was a bit nerve racking to start off with but having had years of training talking to all and sundry, it hasn't taken me long to get into the swing of things. It's nice to be bringing some money in for a change - now I can keep Mark in the style he is accustomed to!

Laundry day - brrrrh!
Reporting on our little Chinese group - for awhile there, with everyone leaving - it was looking very sad! But Damaris found a lovely couple from Taiwan that have started studying and they are coming to meetings regularly along with their daughter and last night another girl. The couple met this family from Hong Kong and so told them about the meetings, so they brought the daughter with them to show them where the KH was - so we may even have that family attending. So exciting for us and gives me more motivation to learn this difficult language (gives me hope too the experience in last weeks WT about the 65 year olds learning it).

Talk about airing your dirty(or in this case clean) laundry

So yesterday when I was coming home from the dentist and the bus whizzed past the stop without picking me up (this happens a lot - the driver just looks the other way if he doesn't feel like stopping) - I decided I had better walk a little way to the next stop and it was actually really nice. Sometimes with the busy life we lead and everything becomes part of every day life - you forget to look around and enjoy the different culture here. So these are just a few photos from my amble along the river bank. Enjoy!

Obligatory drunk guy

Selling their wares

Gotta say - you have to be
 really strong to be able to wheelbarrow a load of fruit around all day! Take my hat off to them!