Monday, July 21, 2014

Love these videos

This little fellow (he's probably 4 years old) was with me the other day and after the kids had watched the videos - he proceeds to get out his Bible Stories book to show them - he even pointed out the right story ie Creation - after they watched the Caleb video on the same subject.
What a wonderful tool we now have in the ministry - I just absolutely love the Sophia and Caleb videos for the kids - they enthrall the young ones (which is always nice as it gives us a chance to talk to their parents in peace). I have a number of little ones that get excited to see not only new episodes, but also re-watch all  the others they have seen.
Also loving them for my adult studies. The "What happens at Kingdom Halls" video has been very useful on getting them interested in coming to the meetings. Of course getting them interested and it actually happen is a different story. - something always seems to get in the way.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Couple of cool experiences....and a couple of treats

It's been really busy since we got back - catching up with studies and calls and working like crazy to pay off our trip (always spend more than you intend to on a trip aye?).  I've been trying to make a video of part 2 and 3 of our trip but that is taking some time so in the meantime you may like to see the little treats we had while we were at Walkill. First of all 4 brothers played in the foyer and then after lunch a choir came out and sang a few songs.

I have to tell you a couple of nice experiences I had today. This morning, I went into town to see a lady who I have been studying with in a juice shop. It's been hit and miss the last few times with her and today she was making every excuse under the sun as to why she couldn't study. Of course some of the reasons were very valid as she works alone in the shop all day from 9 - 7pm and only had Saturday afternoon and Sunday off. I was trying to help her see that even 10 minutes dedicated to learning what the bible says, would be beneficial. In walks another woman, who lo and behold I knew. She is often at the hairdressers, helping out when I have a study with the owner. My lady in the Juice shop explains why I am there and the woman says, "I know - she does the same with my friend - I hope you are listening to her because I know my friend's life is changing for the better, with what she is learning". You could have blown me away with a feather! Bear in mind this is a city of 500,000 people and we are in a different part of town so what a huge coincidence that this lady, knows both my studies. Anyway Juice shop lady says - "Right, we have to study, can you come back on Saturday at 1pm? The shop will be closed and I can concentrate on what I am learning!" SWEET! (When I see the visitor again, I will definitely be asking her if she would like to learn too)

Can you guess which language the audience is singing in?

Next cool experience was this afternoon. I was studying with a lady in a second hand clothes shop when in walked a client. She said for us to carry on as she didn't want to interrupt a bible study. After we had finished, of course I wanted to reach out to the client as well, so I offered the latest mags to her and pointed out the website if she had questions. At this point, my study asks the question - to the client  "Do you believe Jesus is God?" - that starts off a conversation and my study is doing the witnessing!! She even says -"I used to believe that too but now I know the truth!" How cool is that?

One of our favorite songs!
So it's a busy life but so fulfilling - especially when you get things happen like this!