Saturday, August 24, 2013

1st week in the hood

Thinks he's numero uno
Well we have been back in Cuenca a whole week now and as per my last post it has been a busy week. Especially so as our congo is in the middle of remodeling the Salon del Reino so of course Mark has been down there everyday doing really long days so I don't see him all that much at the moment. Not so bad really cause I had a relapse of the cold I had in NZ before we left and have taken to my bed - hopefully I am on the mend now.

Aaron gives the orders

Before I got sick though - we did a kiwi meal for the brothers on the construction team (if you remember from a post way back - they have a team that goes to each build or remodel - I think there is 12 in this team) - bacon and egg pie was on the menu, mashed potatoes and salad - of course we had to provide rice as well or they would have thought their throats were cut - so strange seeing that on the plate with mashed potatoes.
Enjoying his first taste of bacon and egg pie

I am loving this new area we are living in - the kids made a good choice - it is so close to everything - even the fresh food market which is 5 minutes walk away, perfect when you look in the fridge and don't see any vegetables for dinner. I forgot how cheap things are as well (having gotten used to the exorbitant prices in NZ) - bananas 50cents a big bunch, rockmelon 80 cents, watermelon $1.50, brocolli 3 for $1 - love it!! 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A few photos of our trip

Well we have settled down a bit - it has been a crazy few days here, buying furniture and other stuff needed for the house but the biggest thing we did is front up to the visa office on Monday morning (we got in line at 7am). Its a funny system here - not sure how they work it out - we finally got inside the building after they had taken our passports and then after some time they announced that we could come back at 10am. This was good cause we needed to get passport photos taken and breakfast. When we got back the guy at the counter checked every paper and probably every word on our application and eventually we were called back up and he pointed out a few errors. One big error was that Aaron had a mistake on his official document saying he had left the country twice and the bloke thought that he would have to go to Quito to get that fixed up - what a pain that would have been - but after Aaron getting a little cross with the guy, he went and asked someone else who said no it was alright. Anyway, we still had to go and get the translation of Amandas birth certificate done again, get it noterized and come back to the office but shock horror -everything was right and our application has been accepted. In about a months time we will have a verdict. Exciting stuff especially for Aaron and Amanda because they have been to that office so many times over the last months sorting stuff out.
We also helped on Monday night in the construction kitchen (our congo has a remodellation of their KH going on) and on the menu was classic kiwi food - bacon and egg pie and custard squares - I think it went down ok but one funny thing is - along with the pie, mashed potatoes and salad - we had to serve up rice. If Ecuadorians don't get rice at every meal they think their world has ended.
The best part of the last view days (apart from the relief of getting our papers in) was that we caught up with our other kids, Chad and Michele. It was awesome to see them but seemed strange when it was time for them to leave and go to their own home - they should be with us still :(

Friday, August 16, 2013

Hi there - just letting you know that we have finally arrived in Cuenca and will be back up an running with the blog soon. We are both fairly exhausted from 3 weeks of travelling (over 13000km), by bus and by air so will need a few days to settle down and get sorted - especially the laundry!
Hasta Pronto!