Sunday, December 13, 2015

We're on the move again

...But we are not going far. 

We are going to move house - going just around the corner. Sadly we are losing some friends from our cong that have to go back home to the States and the only good thing about them leaving is we get to have their house.

In the meantime - I have just opened an etsy shop. I made a few of these notebook covers for various grandies and friends, so I thought it may be a way of earning a few extra bucks to help us out financially. Check it out if you are feeling crafty.

I am working on some other patterns and will be posting soon.

Have a good one!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Rooms to rent ;-)

 So it's been awhile huh? I'm afraid so much has gone on this year and now that I am working - it's really really hard to get time to sit down and write. If you still want to follow our lives though (our very boring lives) - you can request to follow us on Instagram. Our user name is marcosybet. Anyway, occasionally I will get a request for photos of the room we have to rent - so this is it!
Bathroom - be warned, it has an electric shower!

View from the window
Also we have friends about to go back to the States for 3 months. Anyway seeking a place to lay their weary heads from September to November - check this out:

You can contact me, via the contact request, should you require details.
Have a great day!