Saturday, September 1, 2012

Gidday (typical kiwi greeting there) - perhaps we have been here too long -hehe!

So I just wanted to post something quick because every so often I check the comments on this blog (even though we haven't really been on air, I can see the views from all around the world and it is nice to know that it is still attracting some like minded folks). Any hoo - just recently Claudette and Shirley and JC said they would like some further information/contact details. You can email me at and fire away any questions. If I don't know the answer, then I am sure Aaron and Amanda (who as most know are still in Cuenca) will be able to help. In the meantime I wish you well on your endeavors to move where the need is great - you won't regret your decision to do so.

Quick update on us while I am here. Happily Mark finished the service year (and his time) on a high - his last call was with an Ecuadorian!! On Thursday we also had a lovely visit with a Mexican lady who has just been in the country 4 weeks. She has some strange ideas but is happy to be able to speak spanish with someone - who knows where it will lead.

I am employed again - at my old job in the bank (talk about being sucked back into our old life) - it is casual work but I seem to be getting enough to keep Mark in the style he has become accustomed to, so that is good. It also means that if I don't have to fill in for anybody - I can still go out witnessing with Mark during the week. I can be thankful the bank wanted to employ me again actually, because being a little bit older now, and in the economic climate, work is not so easy to come by here. Jehovah really has looked after us.

Not only is it the new service year today but it is also the first day of spring here in NZ. Looking forward to some warmer weather and fresh spring veggies.