Wednesday, October 10, 2012

It happens in NZ too....

Hola Hola!

I just have to tell you this experience - a little over a month ago I received a phone call asking me to go and see a girl who had rung the KH asking for a study. We called around the next day and had the most text book study you could ask for. The lovely young lady had received the BT book about 3 years ago but had only started reading it about 3 months ago - realized it was the truth and so gave up smoking and then called for someone to help her actually study. 
Well that was mind blowing enough but  last week she texted me to say that as she wanted to "do the truth 100%" she would be leaving her partner. Of course I tried to explain that really Jehovah wanted to see them serving him as a family and how perhaps "C" might want to learn how to have a truly happy life too. Well after a few more texts back and forth - she sent me one saying Jehovah had answered her prayers and they were ready to do this as a family!! 

We had our first study with them both tonight and we are so blown away by the interest shown also by "C". He said how deeply moved he was by the fact that even though there is a shortage of bibles here in NZ (no doubt due to the change over etc to the Australian branch) - we had given "K" one of our own bibles so that she could have a copy. Isn't it funny what affects someone? They were planning on coming to the meeting this Sunday but something has come up so will be making there first one the next week. Awesome aye?

What a privilege it is to be able to help these two - I will keep you posted as to their progress.