Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Been a LONG time

Ok I just had to share an awesome experience.

Wednesday: Amanda meets a young guy (maybe 16?) in a resturant who says his brother is interested, and that he is too. Amanda comes out on to the street, gets me to go in and talk to him, and I make arrangements to do a study with him on Friday.

Friday: After the group, me and a local bro go to visit. Turns out the young guy is not there... but the older brother pokes his head out from the kitchen and says he has questions and can we stay. We of course do. He wants to know about Micheal the Arcangel, and so we study the index in the BT on who he is. (he pulled out a well worn copy of the BT and said he had read it all) His mum also wants to know. For some funny reason they belive that there are three Arcangels, Micheal, Gabrieal and Rafael. (anyone heard of that before???) Anyway we finish up arranging the next study to start at the beginig of the book on monday. I ask him if he is interested in coming to the meetings and he says "no estoy en acuerdo con ustedes, entonces no quiero." (Im not in agreement with you guys, so I dont want to) "no worries" i say... "but you still want to study" "yes".

Monday: Amanda and I arrive, and the whole family is there. Young brother, Older Brother, Mum and Dad. (Dad just sits in the background lisning) and we study the first half of chap 1. we were there 1.5 hours but mum and dad had to leave halfway though para hacer compras. After we arrange study for Wedsday (today)

Wednesday: Me and Morgan go (NZ bro who cant speak any spanish yet) and only Older brother is there. But we have an awesome study finishing the first chapter in 1.5 hours. After the study, prayer and all, we start having some casual talk, about sports and guitar etc, but HE brings it back to spiritual things and says "Que nesecito hacer a ser un testigo de Jehová?" (what do I need to do to be a Jehovah's Witness?" wow i was blown away. I told him again about the meetings and he wants to come!

What a change in less than a week! I couldnt belive he went from saying he didnt agree with us to wanting to be one of us!!!! not to mention he is wanting 3 studys a week? still unbelivable to know our teritroy is being covered every 2 weeks and finding people like him! 

I would just also like to say that we were having lunch with a local family last sunday, and they told us that only in 1979, Cuenca had only a small group of witneses. Not even a congregation. And now we have around 40 only 33 years later! Some sources have told me there is an anual growth of %15 here in Cuenca. Amazing. (if anyone knows any more acurate figues please corect me) There is a massive need for qualified brothers here.... so if you have the curcumstances... come on over! weather its to preach, or to help in the cong!