Friday, January 31, 2014

Nice little experience to end the week on

Yesterday we were invited to have lunch in town with a young couple returning home to Australia. On our way, we came across a  chap,who we had not met before but could tell a mile away was a witness (wasn't anything to do with the new bible he was carrying either), trying to talk to an Ecuadorian lady in Spanish. He obviously recognized that we must have been witnesses too because he stopped us and asked for help as he could not speak much Spanish. Turns out he was only a week off the plane and is helping with the English congregation. That's not  my story though.
The lady had seen his bible in his hand and chased him down the street - apparently she had been called on last year a few times but the person stopped coming (had moved away or something) and for some reason the women felt guilty about not asking for a study because she really wanted to learn what the bible says. Obviously she decided yesterday was the day - and when she saw the brother in the street, she raced after him. Amanda showed her the BT book and asked which question she would most like the answer to and the lady went straight to the 1st chapter - What is the Truth About God. Arrangements were made for Monday for her first study.Such a cool little experience which to me shows angelic direction at work. We just happened to be walking in the exact street where we needed to be, at the exact time. Cool aye!

ps - this time next week we will be in the Galapagos - wahoo! 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Does anyone else have frustrations with Airline Points??? So much for my skiting (Kiwi word meaning being overly proud of oneself of an accomplishment) about having airpoints to travel to the Convention in Texas with!

After purchasing my ticket, I had to transfer some over to Mark - of course nothing went smoothly from that point on. After being on the phone to LAN for hours and going to the office 3 times - I finally had to buy him a ticket. Of course by that stage the return flight was way out of our league pricewise - so he is on a different plane coming home. Oh well, I guess it could be worse - he could not be coming at all!

The good news is - we have our flight to NY, then on to Houston, back to NY and back home all sorted, as well as our Hotel in Houston and a lovely offer from friends of friends in NY to stay with them. It's going to be lovely to be with someone who knows the ropes of NY and we are looking forward to finally meeting some of Michele and Chads family and friends in the States. We are practically family after all :)

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Not a Travel Agent but.....

Sorry - this is the only photo I have at the moment
I often get emails from people wanting information about accommodation when they come to visit Cuenca. Although most people can find temporary digs on or similar sites, I did want to share with you this information..

A lovely Ecuadorian family offer rooming in their home for visitors at a modest $10 per night per person, breakfast included. They have space for 5 people with a double room, a room with 2 single beds and a room with just one single bed. The house is very central - walking distance to most things in town and not far from the Kingdom Hall. The Mum and Dad are both regular pioneers and so would be willing to take you out on service or on studies with them. I can vouch for the fact that Ceci is a very good cook and you will be well looked after.

For a longer stay (1 or 2 months) I have been told that our old apartment is again for rent. It is a fully furnished 2 bedroom, apartment on the 4th floor of a lift-less (sad but true) apartment block and is very nice. The man that owns it is not a witness but his sisters are and he really only wants to rent it to witnesses, knowing how honest we are. These photos are from 4 years ago when we lived there, but I reckon it would just about look the same. The rent is $250 per month plus $50 for utilities, guard etc. The drawback is - it is a ways out of town and you will need 2 buses to get into town or a $5 taxi ride. The Kingdom Hall is a little walk over the hill too but that too can be averted by a taxi ride.

Please be in touch via the contact form to the right, if you would like further details on either of these places.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

What's been the haps?

 While out in service the other day, Amanda and I were waiting on one side of the street while some serious Chinese preaching was going on with a Taiwanese lady. Then we spotted on the opposite corner two sisters talking  with another person, of course in Spanish. Amanda and I could have completed the Trifecta if only an English speaking person had walked by! I am sure this doesn't only happen in Ecuador but it was very cool to see.
 These little cuties joined our busy household last week but only as temporary residents. Blue and Dingo belonged to an Australian couple (hence the names) who are leaving to go home soon so we are looking after them until they find somewhere more permanent. Actually Dingo has been placed and is going to her new home tonight. I would have loved to have kept them but as we have no garden, it's not really that conducive to have pets. The week we have had them here has made me appreciate how big a problem Noah must have had - I'm sure you get the picture!
We were invited to have lunch at a sisters house the other day, which was lovely, but one custom that I will never get used to is that they feed you restaurant style - in other words, they don't sit down and eat with you! It's just so awkward! What a meal though - some of these ladies sure can cook!

I have my first Spanish talk in about 3 years coming up this Thursday - eek! At least now though I know what I am saying, which is more than can be said for my Chinese. Slow progress there!