Tuesday, January 14, 2014

What's been the haps?

 While out in service the other day, Amanda and I were waiting on one side of the street while some serious Chinese preaching was going on with a Taiwanese lady. Then we spotted on the opposite corner two sisters talking  with another person, of course in Spanish. Amanda and I could have completed the Trifecta if only an English speaking person had walked by! I am sure this doesn't only happen in Ecuador but it was very cool to see.
 These little cuties joined our busy household last week but only as temporary residents. Blue and Dingo belonged to an Australian couple (hence the names) who are leaving to go home soon so we are looking after them until they find somewhere more permanent. Actually Dingo has been placed and is going to her new home tonight. I would have loved to have kept them but as we have no garden, it's not really that conducive to have pets. The week we have had them here has made me appreciate how big a problem Noah must have had - I'm sure you get the picture!
We were invited to have lunch at a sisters house the other day, which was lovely, but one custom that I will never get used to is that they feed you restaurant style - in other words, they don't sit down and eat with you! It's just so awkward! What a meal though - some of these ladies sure can cook!

I have my first Spanish talk in about 3 years coming up this Thursday - eek! At least now though I know what I am saying, which is more than can be said for my Chinese. Slow progress there!

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