Friday, January 31, 2014

Nice little experience to end the week on

Yesterday we were invited to have lunch in town with a young couple returning home to Australia. On our way, we came across a  chap,who we had not met before but could tell a mile away was a witness (wasn't anything to do with the new bible he was carrying either), trying to talk to an Ecuadorian lady in Spanish. He obviously recognized that we must have been witnesses too because he stopped us and asked for help as he could not speak much Spanish. Turns out he was only a week off the plane and is helping with the English congregation. That's not  my story though.
The lady had seen his bible in his hand and chased him down the street - apparently she had been called on last year a few times but the person stopped coming (had moved away or something) and for some reason the women felt guilty about not asking for a study because she really wanted to learn what the bible says. Obviously she decided yesterday was the day - and when she saw the brother in the street, she raced after him. Amanda showed her the BT book and asked which question she would most like the answer to and the lady went straight to the 1st chapter - What is the Truth About God. Arrangements were made for Monday for her first study.Such a cool little experience which to me shows angelic direction at work. We just happened to be walking in the exact street where we needed to be, at the exact time. Cool aye!

ps - this time next week we will be in the Galapagos - wahoo! 


brissygirl said...

Nice experience. Loving the blog Ken and Julie

Joseph said...

Hey guys im a jw from Sacramento ca, a friend and I are going to be in Cuenca for the whole month of September, I have some questions could u guys maybe help with some of them thanks so much

Joseph said...

Hey im a jw from sacramento california. A friend and I will be in Cuenca for the whole month of September, I have some questions could u guys help answer some of them , thanks