Thursday, September 18, 2008

Update on Butt-Ugly Couch!

This is me with my peeps this morning - can you see why I feel like a giant here? Talk about make you run to weight watchers!

Now for the update: This afternoon we were at the old house to help the sister with the stuff she had bought off us when she asked about the lounge suite. Blanca had heard me talking with another sister the other day about it and wondered if that lady had decided to buy it. Well I said no cause she had not said any more to me so Blanca's niece who was with her said she would take it. - Ok with me - gotta get rid off it and as soon as possible! Well we were just about to load it on to the truck when the first lady turned up. How embarrassing! But I just had to pull the "I don't understand spanish card" and of course they were sympathetic. Blanca's niece pulled out of the sale and all was good! So folks - if you wanted the couch - you have now missed out! Don't all cry too much will you!


The Scottys said...

Good one beth pulling out the "I don't understand spanish card"!
Butt-ugly couch gone yipee we didn't take the news too hard!!

WOW you look gr8 BUT be careful that your red skirt doesn't run off you!!
You need too drop a size or it maybe another shameless moment for you too!llol.

Can understand totally what you mean about being a giant amongst them all.
The sisters look so cute I bet with you they have a BALL!!

Hope Mark is all rested up and you both have settled into your new place,
The scripture says"be aglow with the spirit" it really shows on your face!!

p.s Have you got the go ahead for pioneering?

At the meeting terry was waving out to the brother who came in late,
But still a smile from you waz really great!!

Julie P:Im waiting to hear from you.
Hope you both have a gr8 weekend!

The Kinlocher's said...

Hi Alice - want to know the funny thing about Terry smiling and yes i was smiling BUT i was smiling at you not him! Besides didn't your mother teach you not to smile at strange blokes!

The Scottys said...

As you can see I didn't listened to my mother.
I ended marrying this bloke who is your spiritual brother!!lol

Hello Marcos and Beth!!