Thursday, September 4, 2008

He He - I am still laughing!

Gotta tell you all this - Mark was trying to say he would like to give the lady at the door an important message but he actually said he would like to give her an important massage!!!! Why did she look at him funny I wonder! She probably thought what a presumptuous gringo - as if I would let him near me! (Mind you - I know he gives pretty good massages so he could just about sell them-maybe that could be a way we stay here longer!)


Marisa said...

LOL! That's so funny - especially coming from U. Mark who does give good massages! ;)

The Scottys said...
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The Scottys said...

That is so totally funny it is as bad as my maori!!

delicioso delicioso the lady should have said, im sure that massage was meant for you beth instead!!
Who knows a job as a Massage therapist might be a part of jehovahs Plan!!
Anyway team keep them coming as it is very entertaining, its problably the best offer the lady had got all year she should not be complaining!lol

catherine said...

Well I guess it had to happen sometime. How many times do you hear about people not fluent in a language saying something wrong. I guess she is having as much fun as you two telling everybody about it

The Kinlocher's said...

oh dear how funny this was - sitting down to catch up on all the news as I have been out of circulation for a few days. - this will take me days to read so not too many comments will come from Kinloch Way