Saturday, July 16, 2011

I am finally here!

Hi All,

Well I am finally here to stay. It took abit to get over the jet lag.... But im ready to get into it!

As of yet, I am not currently in a congregation - but after talking with the circuit overseer I have a couple of choices - more on that when im settled though. Looks like I will definatly be in a different congregation to the padres and amanda though.

In the mean time - im going preaching with Dad and amanda - even going to the chinese meeting, which amanda kindly gave me an answer in (even though i didnt get to say it)

Any way - just wanted to say hola.



Chad and Michele said...

Hey Aaron! Welcome to Ecuador! Too bad we aren't there to say it in person :( ... (but hope you are enjoying our room! haha) Glad to hear you are enjoying yourself! Looking forward to seeing you soon!!! Give the family big hugs....

The Kinlocher's said...

You are looking good..... am glad you feeling like you are settling in