Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hola de nuevo!

Finally I am coming out of my jetlag fog and getting back to normal sleep patterns. I decided last night it was about time I got out witnessing again so would make sure I got out of bed in time. Morning came and it was so hard to haul myself up but was I glad I did when I read todays text (Go to the ant you lazy one!). Hehe!
Anyway I was also very glad because I started a study so my spanish obviously is not too rusty!

We had the mid week meeting last night and it was so nice to be back with my congo. Got lots of hugs and kisses and remonstrations about being away so long! I now know the words for volcanic ash really well as I had to explain the problem about 50 times over.

Ok well hopefully I will have something interesting to blog about soon. Hasta pronto!

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Carol :) said...

Its so no nice to see you settling back into life in Ecuador :) Much love to Aaron and Manda. Of course you were missed in your congo!! but it is nice to find our how much aye. xx