Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Preview of the Amazing Race Cuenca 2010

Aaron shines the shoes of a stranger

Chad asks some random dude what Luke 23.43 says

Winners of the first leg of the race


Awh ain't that sweet!

Fernando - our native quichwa!

Peneti - get out of that dress!

Damaris makes friends with  the Senora for a photo
Chad's guy looks unimpressed with the job he's doing

Someone else just had their day made for them

Where am I?

Hey wait up girls!
So I couldn't help myself - I had to organize another Amazing Race even though I had sworn never to do it again! But what can I say - except that I love organizing stuff like this. We invited the folks from our Language Course (and a couple of ring-ins) and the day went off very well apart from some unexpected hitches (mostly my fault, with a couple of the clues) Everyone found their way to the finish line though so it all turned out good in the end. Of course I am working on a video to show you some of the crazy things the contestants had to get up to - with our schedule at the moment though-who knows when it will be finished - these photos will give you an idea though.


The Kinlocher's said...

really good pics that gives us a good insight into the day. Looks like you all had fun fun fun - no wonder you were knacker-ed!

The Planning Manning's said...

Oh man thats not fair I wanted to be in your amazing race! Can we do one when you come back next year?