Friday, December 17, 2010

Well they are here and getting right into it!

Amanda enjoys seeing what goodies Aaron brought for her!

Chase tries his first chicken head - beak and all!

And Peneti makes us proud by giving it a go at the language course.
(Chase and Aaron did too in case you were wondering.) If you listen closely Peneti decides that if you add an 'O' to any name - it will sound spanish!


ArtfeltDesigns said...

You are my hero; I've decided you are the most reliable blogger of all the needgreaters that I follow:)
It's so encouraging to see your pics and read the experiences and I love this video of Spanish class!
Thanks for posting it.
Your sis in NH,

Elizabeth in Ecuador said...

awwwhhh thanks Linda - a comment like that makes it all worthwhile!

The Kinlocher's said...

Hey Amanda those Pineapple lumps were for your Mum! Didn't you see her name on the outside? He he he

melbell001 said...

ok...was looking up ecuador and ran across this blog. you guys are witnesses. :) Yay!! will be in quito in dec. in california normadie cong. please e-mail me.