Wednesday, August 3, 2011

English Convention Part 2 -Kiwi Shot

Tradional Kiwi Photo - Not many of us this year

Yeah now that is more like us kiwis- Craz-zee!

One of the best things about the convention is meeting up with old friends - well people that go back to our first English Convention - 3 years ago! My how time flies! We are almost becoming part of the furniture here. Long may that continue!

Some of you may recognise Brendon who serves in the Spanish Group back in Auckland. He is here for a few months and we hope to see more of him before he goes home.

Just have to tell you of my lovely experience this morning. I was having the 3rd study with this lady and she asked me if I could come back more that once a week - that has never happened to me before! I am also excited she wants to come to the convention with me this week (spanish language one) so we have arrangements to go together Friday. Last week when we had the study - her daughter joined us (she would be about 16) and she had some really good questions - i.e what is the difference between the Lake of Fire and Hell! How many 16 year olds think of that back home? Sadly she was sick this week and couldn't come down so maybe next week she will be there. Also Mark and I went together to have a study with one of the kids in the congo but her cousins were there too which meant we had to study with all 5 of them. Decided to fall back on getting them to act out a bible story and they loved it. So next week they have plans to put on another for us -  too cute! Oh how I love this place!


Carol :) said...

Thank you my friend for the awesome photo and it is so great to see you all looking so happy. We have our convention tomorrow as well so I will be thinking of you as you have yours in Spanish. Keep up the good work.
I too picked up two new studies this last week, it certainly makes our ministry enjoyable aye :) Much love.

Garreth Collard said...

No Pratts? We were thinking you were a couple of Kiwis (one honorary) short?