Monday, April 23, 2012

Hola de Nueva Zelanda

Aaron said that I wouldn't be able to resist posting again and he was right.(I'm never going to hear the end of it either). Its just that I have been so moved by the comments and emails I have received - I just have to say a big THANK YOU! We were really thrilled to hear that our experiences have even moved some to consider Need Greating and it is nice to know that we have been able to help out in a small way. I know when we arrived in Ecuador - we did it real cold turkey, we had no one to ask any questions of before we came and it was really scary but of course Jehovah soon sorted us out but that was one of the reasons why I wrote our Blog, so to know that it aided some of you is really special. 

So we are all settled in here in Tauranga - back in our old congo and we have been welcomed back with open arms. It is a bit hard knuckling down to life (ie applying for jobs etc) but we have had some lovely autumn weather so its not all bad. I even had two Spanish conversations last week - one with a study of one of the sisters (who is mightily glad we are here to help with the language barrier) and the other with a young Ecuadorian lady who owns a shop in one of the Malls close by. The goods she sells is so obviously Ecuadorian I just had to say -"¿Hablas espaƱol?" From there we had a chat and I took her in the Spanish mags. We are also hoping to go up once a month at least to the Spanish meeting in Auckland (2 1/2 hours drive) - Gotta keep what we have learned if possible.

Oh must just tell you about one little blessing of coming home - seeing our grand daughter Indie. She's at a lovely age (11 months) and was not at all shy of me. I am sure she recognized my voice from all our skype conversations. We are heading off down to see her again (and her parents) tomorrow - got to take all the opportunities I can before I actually do land a job!

Ok - now I will really say goodbye - with a photo of Mark checking out his charges before going to the meeting the other day - Thanks once again for all your encouraging words!


Anonymous said...

I hope you'll keep posting. You have such a warm and lovely manner. And for some of us to the north 'Nueva Zelanda' still sounds pretty exotic. Thank you for keeping us updated.

Beth back in NZ said...

Awh thats nice of you anonymous - btw who are you? Do I know you personally ? Would love to know your name!

AJ and Jordanne said...

Hi Mark & Beth! It's nice to hear from you from the other hemisphere! It sounds like you're settling back in to NZ life; how great to be with the grandbaby! I hope everything keeps falling into place - surely it will with Jehovah's blessing! Thank you for your post, take care! xx