Monday, September 23, 2013

Just to say Hola

So after hitting the ground running in the middle of August with the remodel of the the Salon del Reino, I think life will start to get into some kind of routine. There are still a few little things for Mark to do, to finish off but nothing like it has been for the past 6 weeks. 6 weeks - have we been here 6 weeks???? Can't believe it!

inside of the new KH
While Mark has been busy - I have been out  in field a lot but also enjoying playing house - it is nice to be  making this our home especially as we have been living in a farm shed for most of this last year. I have also had more time to practice Chinese and so hopefully I can get better at that. I find it quite fascinating that at the meetings on Thursday night, I can answer in two different (we have the bible study in Chinese and the rest of the meeting in Spanish  foreign languages (of course, I am still struggling in both but it's still pretty cool).

Having the market so close is becoming a bit of an obsession - Amanda thinks I am crazy to like it so much, but honestly just whipping down the road to pick up fresh bananas or tomatoes etc is pretty great. I have also brought a few plants and am pretty chuffed to have produced a few strawberries - silly really when I can just buy a kilo for a buck and a half - but it is neat to say I grew them!

Jury is still out on our visa application - apparently we had to supply a letter from the organization that we volunteer for - thankfully there was a contingent of brothers from the Bethel here the other day looking at the new KH and when Aaron explained what we needed, they said "no problem, we'll get that sorted for you" so hopefully we can take that to the visa office soon.

Nothing else to report so hasta la vista! Don't forget to leave a comment - it gives me such a buzz when you do :)


Mum said...

Thanks for keeping up the blog, Beth and well done on growing your own strawberries too :)

Karen said...

Haha, sorry for any confusion caused by my first comment. I hadn't changed my profile since Em returned home :)

Elizabeth in Ecuador (de nuevo) said...

Hehe Karen - I did think that it was pushing it for my Mum, although very tech savvy, to have made that comment! Thanks for your encouragement to continue -interestingly since I put the email contact form on the blog, I have had heaps of people writing to me - which makes a change from the propaganda emails that usually fill up my inbox!

brissygirl said...

Hi Beth, love reading how it's going for you guys. Well done on the comments in multiple languages. We have just spent a few weeks with an English cong in France and next a mth with a English cong in Italy. Loving it. J&K