Tuesday, October 22, 2013


After a very long day of waiting, walking and celebrating, we have got our residency finally. This means that we can stay here indefinitely (as long as our investment stays in the bank, that is). It has been a long process but only one thing more to do, which is to obtain our cedula (official identity card) and we are set. Something also that was a VERY nice surprise - we were told to have $320 each to pay for the visa but it turned out that it was only Aaron needing to pay that (as the primary visa applicant) and only $50 for us as dependants - WAHOO - lets go shopping! Anyway it is a big relief to have this finally under our belt - now we can concentrate of the more important things in life.

it was a long wait at the visa office but about half way through the morning - a heap of chinese people walked in - Amanda being very prepared straight away was up and at em, with invitations to the Chinese meeting and magazines for them. It was awesome to see the look of surprise on their faces as this little white girl busted out the chinese. So jealous that I could really only say "ni hau" but I guess 5 years ago I could really only say hello in spanish too so...one day. 

In other news, I had my first study with the lady with the broken Jesus the other day. It was a text book study and the best thing about it is, she is at her place of business so will always be there - what a blessing.

We are eagerly waiting for our first visitor from New Zealand (this time around) to arrive this weekend. Westley is coming for about 6 months so we will have plenty of time to show him around Cuenca and why we love it so much. Let the good times begin!    


Mbu Rasmeni said...

Congrats on obtaining your permanent residency!

Anonymous said...

Hi beth, so glad to hear that the broken idol lady has had another study. As far as our plans here's our email and I'll get you up to date. addictedtobootcamp@hotmail.com. Theunissen family..

Lisa.Garreth Collard said...

Wooho congratulations!

Tim and Jen said...

May i ask if you know what the need is like in the territory for both english and sign language? My family is possibly cosidering a scouting trip...thank you!