Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sadly not to much to report this week - been a bit slow on interesting tidbits to share but we are still here doing our thing. Mark, Amanda and Aaron have all been manning the stand down at the Bus Station this time and report exceptional success with people sometimes taking two or three books for themselves and for family members. It's exciting work!
I had an experience I am not keen to repeat but will have to - visiting an acupuncturist - scary stuff but hopefully it will help with my health issues. What I can't understand is how the other patients didn't look like me after the treatment - while I was a mess, they all seemed content and happy. Then again I am a big scaredy-cat when it comes to needles. 

So that's from me - hopefully I will have something exciting to tell you next time.


Lynne said...

Needles! Yuck - you are not the only one! Hopefully it helps. X

Anonymous said...

Needles not my favourite pastime. Hopefully it works for you. Glad to hear that yous are having great success with cart. Keep up the good work. Shelley Theunissen