Tuesday, December 17, 2013

This little piggy should have stayed home!

All work and no play makes makes for a boring life so happily here we can have lots of fun too. The congregation "Paseo" that we went to on Sunday was an excellent example. Lots of delicious food (mostly in the form of whole roasted pig), music, dancing, mixed in with everyone happily  making fools of themselves. It has taken me a day to get over it but a nice time was had by all.

You may wonder what these guys are making funny faces for - its a game called rubber band racing - hilarious!

One thing about having visitors - it makes us do the touristy things we have never done. We went on the tour bus ride of the city with Westley the other day - learned quite a few new things about Cuenca. 
Love this view

Westley takes in the view of Cuenca

Our remodeled KH

 We also had the privilege of going to the Kingdom Hall dedication. It was such a nice day, with a Bethel speaker giving the dedication talk. I can't remember the last time I went to a dedication so it was a nice reminder.


Lynne said...

Haha rubber band racing! By the looks on the faces of the audience in your photo they didn't quite get it? I am not sure how that would go down in Myanmar, but I'd love to introduce it!

Elizabeth in Ecuador (de nuevo) said...

Yeah I looked at that photo too Lynne and thought the same but they did get it and it did cause some hilariousness. Obviously those ones didn't think it was funny though.

Dimitri said...

My daughter is a regular pioneer and she wants to visit for a week.
Is there any phone number or email that I can ask a few questions ?

Elizabeth in Ecuador (de nuevo) said...

Hi there - on the blog page there is an email contact form. Look forward to hearing from you