Sunday, May 18, 2014

We are very happy with Amanda and John's news however it has been a rather emotional week - due to visa and financial issues, they will not be able to come back to Ecuador to get married, so will be tying the knot in either Beijing or Hong Kong very soon. This means that neither us nor any of John's family will be able to attend. Heartbreaking! I know though that they are being very sensible and of course, want to carry on serving over there so it makes all the sense in the world to just stay there. My daughter is not one for fuss so she is not worried about having a big wedding. Not something she has dreamed of all her life - hehe. Of course me being wired the way I am (nothing better than being the hostess with the most-est) it's a bit gutting not to be able to even throw a kitchen tea!

It's a good job we are super busy as always. Here is some pictures of  my first turn on one of the
 carts. What an awesome privilege.

You can never tell who are the ones to be interested and what impressed me is the amount of young people who stopped. One young couple asked if we had anything to help them study the bible - "aah yeah!" And another asked for directions to where we have our meetings. A lot of success!


Surprisingly - these ladies just looked away

Another first coming up this week - my first Chinese talk. Really don't think I am ready for this but with the lack of other speakers, I have had to step up.

Of course we are getting super excited about our trip to the International Convention in 3 weeks time - can't believe it is nearly here!


Lynne said...

Nice post- I think thats the saddest thing about Amanda getting married so far from home - you ARE the hostest with the mostest and this bash would have been right up your alley! But look on the bright side - no three day migraine afterwards!

The Planning Manning's said...

I agree with Aunty Lynne. Plus let's plan to celebrate next time we are all together.

Elizabeth in Ecuador (de nuevo) said...

Hahs Sharon - when on earth will that be with a family like ours!

catherine said...

Love you all and miss you all so much. I wish we did have a big family get together to look forward to. It might have to be in the New World when we all reconnect x