Friday, September 26, 2014

I am so busy these days - with work, witnessing and siesta's that I really don't get a lot of time to write, so let me start off with saying a big sorry to my followers and if you are still reading this - Thanks for being patient.

One thing that is a little hard to get used to here is being stared at - it used to happen more than it does now, as Cuenca has a large Gringo population now, but right from the word go - I decided, well if they are going to stare they might as well say hola to me to. So that is my mission, when I am out and about, to get as many to smile back at me as possible. That sometimes leads to people (men) making inappropriate comments and I have had to become more cautious with whom I  smile at.

Today, though, a lady cracked me up by grabbing my hands and saying - "Why have you grown so tall"!- I could hardly respond for laughing but I finally got out - "Soy Gringa!". Yesterday, while walking home with a couple of bags of groceries. a lady insisted I come inside her house - she wanted me to see that she had a massage table and I was to tell my friends! 

The best times though are when they start talking about you, not realizing we are understanding everything that is being said now. I love to just turn to Mark and say something quite complicated in Spanish - and watch the culprits turn red.

That's it from me - hope it doesn't take another 3 months to write again. :)

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The Planning Manning's said...

Such a good story. I've always wished I knew a language when people speck it next to me. Must be such a cool feeling. Miss ya