Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Garden Watch

Week Two

Another week has flown by and the garden is growing well. Mark has been working non stop since we got home so he quite enjoys getting out and pottering around with the plants when he gets home at night. It is light here in NZ until about 9pm so he is able to do that now and then. It really has been crazy since we got back - we have the circuit assembly this weekend too to add to all the busyness. Really missing our life back in Cuenca - at least I get to see my husband more over there!


AJ and Jordanne said...

What is/was the date of the wedding?? Are you going to do a post for it!?? :o)

Elizabeth in Ecuador said...

Jordanne - 9th of January is D day and you can be sure I will be proudly showing off my son and his bride!

cafepainter said...

Elizabeth, thanks for all your great posts! I am looking to become a need greater by the end of this year and was thankful to get an inside look.

Thanks again!
Stephanie M.