Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Well hello everyone! We haven't fallen off the face of the earth - we've just been very busy sorting ourselves out.
We are now happily esconced in the farm shed again but this time it is a tighter fit as Amanda and Ryan are with us. However it is very nice o be with them.Aaron has been coming and going trying to sort his life out in his assignment. Taumaruni is a small country town so he is finding it hard to get some work. He is hoping to start a mobile computer fixing business to get himself an income but that may take a little while to get underway. He'll be fine though - I am sure something will come through for him soon.
We have had a couple of days out in field service but this time of year is hard to find anyone home. The one girl I did speak to yesterday was very nice and was happy for me to read her a bible text so that was encouraging. I had to apologize though because my tongue kept wanting to break out in spanish - weird!
We also found it weird walking straight up to the door to knock - having been used to just rattling at the gate. It almost feels like we are invading their personal space! Also in Ecuador you wait for a good 5 minutes at the gate - here it feels like we have just knocked and then turn around and leave! Interesting that I have gotten used to the Ecuadorian way in just 18 months and yet have been witnessing all my life the NZ way!
Amanda and I had some errands to run today so we didn't get out but that was ok because the rain was coming down fairly heavy all morning. Not that we are fair weather christians but NZs rain usually comes in sideways not straight down like in Ecuador so it is fairly impossible to stay dry enough here to knock on doors.

Mark has had a couple of days work with his brother and while he is pleased to be earning again - he is not pleased to be working and misses our life over there. Amanda also has got herself a job which she starts on Sunday so life is settling down fast. I should have the house on the market very soon - we have some tidying up to do in the garden and so forth - lets hope it sells fast so that we can get on with our lives.
Missing you all in Cuenca - and thanks for the nice comments everyone!


AJ and Jordanne said...

We really miss you guys! I'm sure you're homesick for Cuenca, but it will be waiting for you...And in the meantime, live it up surrounded by your wonderful family! We're thinking of you guys! xoxo

catherine said...

Looking forward to seeing you guys soon.

ChantalLenee said...

I am not ashamed to say I am indeed a fair weather christian. One of the many reasons I pioneer... it forces me to get out on yucky days!
Still enjoying your blog... and would love to see pics of NZ. Just another place I intend to visit; if not in this system then in the next...