Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hey look what I spotted out witnessing the other day!

Reminding me a little of Ecuador - except you don't see alpacas or llamas behind fences over there

More witnessing shots you might enjoy - or are they morning tea shots?
Just to prove it is not all about the coffee break - Mark helps my Mum to and from a door


Miha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Miha said...

I so want to visit!!!!! someday ;) miss you guys!

Chad and Michele said...

awwww...your mom is soo adorable! I see Mark has a hat on..is that the one that he forgot to bring here last time and almost cried about? haha Keep up the good work! We miss you terribly here. I have been alone in this HUGE apartment for 2 days and really missing you guys and Chad!!! (well not techincally alone, there have been so many visitors checking on me...it is really hindering my afternoon nap!)

totto said...

hola hermana beth y hermano marco en mucho tiempo no habia visto su blog esta muy chevere!!! y hasta parece que Aaron ha crecidomas jeje..
se ve muy guapisisisima hermana beth saludos a toda su familia,,

牛五花Orange said...

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