Sunday, January 17, 2010

A weekend in the bustling metropolis - Taumarunui!

This scary sign may have something to do with why they don't get heaps of visitors in Taumarunui!

The locals are very cool - a little crazy but hey ain't that just the best way to be!

Aaron going into the KH

Some of the 60 million sheep we have here in New Zealand

Mark was privileged to give a talk in Aaron s new congo - Taumarunui. It is a very pretty albeit small town in the middle of the North Island. Not a place that I have ever spent any time in because - let's face it - why would we go there? However now I am looking forward to going back some time. As I say it is a very pretty part of the country and in places reminded me of the mountains in Ecuador - except of course all the sheep that we have here! We met some awesome folks and enjoyed our time there with them. Aaron is settling in nicely and has started himself a little business to help support himself - fixing computers (of course). Of course he is yet to get any paying customers but hey - these things take time, I am sure he will do well.l

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