Saturday, February 27, 2010

Great excitment this morning when we were woken at around 4pm with news that a Tsunami was on it's way due to the big earthquake in Chile. As we are living on a low lying area we moved to higher ground and got a nice breakfast cooked for us in the process (went to my Mums house and my sister did the cooking). The Tsunami was a non event but it is always advisable to to cautious in these cases.
We are really hoping our friends in Chile are ok and our thoughts and prayers are with them especially Ruben and his family and also Jorge and his lovely family. We hope to hear that they are well and safe as soon as possible.

UPDATE: Just got an email from Ruben and they are all fine - so glad to hear that!


AJ and Jordanne said...

As Damaris just said regarding the quake/ensuing tsunami ~ if Witnesses know how to do anything, it's heed warnings!! Good work making your way to higher ground; so glad all is well in N.Z...Miss you guys!

Rebecca McCleskey said...

We're happy you are safe. Miss you.

Elizabeth NOT in Ecuador said...

thanks guys - miss you all too