Friday, December 30, 2011

Look what Mark came home with today! He says its the fruitage of the Lords work! (jokingly of course).
 Guess we will be having lobster for dinner tonight - it's such a sacrifice serving where the need is great!

Had nice visit with the kids in Cuenca and it was awesome to see Michele again. How I missed that laugh of hers!

Sadly Aaron and Amanda were sick - Aaron with Salmonella, which was a bit scary as he couldn't get out of bed for days! Amanda had a a bad chest infection - I really didn't like leaving them on their sickbeds but then again they are adults so don't really need their Mum (much).

We've been moving into the apartment over the last couple of days - of sorts that is - our wardrobe and desk are still not ready so we are still living out of suitcases. However the kitchen is now all set up and Mark said he enjoyed washing, drying and putting away the dishes without moving one step!


Marisa said...

Um, yeah. You can keep that lobster. Enjoy... ;)

Hope A & A feel better soon! xxx

Garreth Collard said...