Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Busy old time in our household

Family Reunion (miss living with these guys)
 For some reason, we have been exceptionally busy in the last few weeks so time is flying by. A lovely treat was the English Circuit Assembly that was held here this last weekend. We caught up with Chad and Michele and others from various congregations we've been in, so it was very cool. Of course listening to the program in our own language was super encouraging too. It was kind of surreal when quite a few Brothers ans Sisters stopped me and said they were followers of this blog - funny to think there are  people that actually read my ramblings.
Stephanie from Puerto Cayo

 Also big changes happening in our house, as I have mentioned. We had a little despedida for Alison, off to Zamora (a town in the Oriente, where there is a need for Chinese speakers), Amanda, off to China for 2 and 1/2 months and Jessica, who is going to Taiwan for a couple of months too. Turns out our lovely Chinese sister is leaving this weekend too - going to Guayaquil to live, so our little Chinese group is decimated at the moment - anyone feel like joining us??

I have also been busy training for my new job - teaching English online - really happy to have finally got a source of income for us as there is only so long one can live on savings. I teach my first class next week so hopefully I will do ok. I guess I have been teaching the bible long enough to know something about teaching aye?

With Alison and Amanda leaving, I have been handed over a few more studies to take care of and so I think now I am at my limit. It is not so much the studies themselves but the prep time becomes mind boggling. It is a joyful work though so very happy to have the privilege.

Well that's about it from me. Chao for now!


brissygirl said...

Love reading your encouraging ramblings. Julie & Ken

Lynne said...

I know what you mean about the study prep! Lovely to see your smiling face - you are there, I am in Myanmar - when will we see each other again ???? Miss you.

Elizabeth in Ecuador (de nuevo) said...

Awh Lynne - when indeed!!! Tried to talk Amanda into going to Myanmar while she is over that way but the extra 2007 k journey didn't appeal! Miss you heaps too xxxx

Thanks for reading Julie and Ken xx to you too

Elizabeth in Ecuador (de nuevo) said...

oops - just checked and its 3230k's

April said...

Hello! We are visiting Ecuador in June/July. Here's my first blog post about it. http://www.notquitewonderwoman.com/ecuador-post-1-pre-trip-40-days-away-the-countdown/
I've enjoyed reading your experiences and looking at your photos this evening. If you have any suggestions or thoughts feel free to comment on my blog :) We are excited!!!