Friday, February 21, 2014

Business witnessing

Well for someone that doesn't really enjoy business preaching, seems that where the best "fishing" is. I have a study at a hairdressers , one in a paint shop, another in a car parts store, one in a juice shop and of course the one in the headstone store (you will remember that story about me breaking Jesus)! Also I have regular calls among others in a Medical Center, a flooring store and car battery place. Of course one of the very good reasons for being successful in those places is the fact that you will always find people working whereas in their house it is a different story. 

This week we are having a very encouraging week with the CO - our assigned brother couldn't come so we have a substitute and lo and behold it is a chappy who was our CO on the other side of town, so we are excited to see him and his wife again. 

This weekend the country is having their elections so on Sunday, pretty much everything gets closed down. People have to go back to the towns and cities they are registered in to vote, so the bus stations will be busy and the brothers will  still man the Stand at the terminal, but there will be no other forms of preaching. Mark is assigned for the whole day to supply literature if needed. Bound to need more, the last time he and Amanda were there - they placed 39 books in just 1/2 hour. People are especially interested in getting bibles. Very cool.

Settling back down from our trip to Galapagos - although there will be a lot of coming and going in our house over the next few months. 1st Amanda is going to China for a couple of months, Westley will be going back to NZ in April, Alison to the States and excitedly for a trip to Australia and NZ and then finally it's our turn again in June to New York. Phew - hard to keep up with it all!


brissygirl said...

Amazing how being in a foreign country gives us the courage to try things out of our comfort zone (that's what we found anyway) well done with all the business territory studies. Awesome. Julie and Ken

Elizabeth in Ecuador (de nuevo) said...

Thanks Julie and Ken - when are you coming over ???