Thursday, May 7, 2009

Drama, Drama, Drama

The Baños Performing Arts Group
Last Sunday night the congo put on a "despedida" (farewell) for the ones leaving (Barbara included, who went home to California on Monday) and the young ones performed a Drama about Enoch. They had been practicing for months because they had wanted to perform it for Chad and Michele when they returned at the end of last year. Things had happened that had meant the party was always cancelled, i.e Joanna died, one of the pioneers had a car accident - etc, so on Sunday they were finally able to get dressed up and do their stuff. They did very well and it was fun to watch. Then of course the dancing started and Mark and I were a hit with the under 5's - they exhausted us though, we must be getting old.
Today has been a bad day as I have picked up a flu (no I don't need to go rushing out to buy oinkment). Stayed home and so far have watched 4 movies - how depressing. So lets hope tomorrow is a better day.

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Lynne said...

Get well soon!