Friday, May 29, 2009

For Amanda and Tania

Amanda and Tania
My baby (oops I mean my very grown up daughter) is heading off to Taiwan with her friend Tania, on the 11th of June. They are going for 5 & 1/2 months to further their learning the Chinese language with the view to aiding Chinese people in NZ to hear the truth. I am so glad we came here first as no doubt if I had not experienced serving in a foreign land, I would be terrified of them going. However now I know firsthand that wherever you go in this world, there will always be the loving brotherhood of Jehovah's organization and you will be just fine.
Anyway I hear Aaron is putting on a party for you tonight (NZ time) and no doubt you will have a blast. Sorry we couldn't be with you to dance the night away but here is a little something from us to send you on your way......Big kisses from Mum and Dad, Amanda and Big Hugs from your surrogate Mum and Dad, Tania!


Amanda said...

HAHA That was hilarious. Thanks for that I will have a look everytime I start to freak out, it will relax me. Happy Anniversary you guys!!!!

The Scottys said...

OH my goodness your anniversary already.
Hope you had a great one many years you both are strong and steady!

*It will be sad to see Amanda go, but like here parents she is going with the flow!
*Lol love the blogg you did with the girls.
Im sure china are going to love them they will give them lots of thrills!
*happy anniversary IN SPANISHLAND,
lots of hugs and kisses from us in kiwiland.

*Morning Kinlochers hope all is well in your household.

Lynne said...

Well done Beth! So funny!
Manda Moo and Tania - have a great trip - look forward to seeing the photos, Manda, on Dooners! Or your own blog!

AJ and Jordanne said...

That's excellent that your daughter is learning Chinese, and going to Taiwan!

Our friend Damaris has been learning Chinese for the past 6 years and is in the newly formed Cleveland, Ohio Chinese congregation. She will be moving to Cuenca with us in August and is very interested in the Chinese group there. Do you know the details on the group?? If so, could you please email me at I'd greatly appreciate it!

See you in July!