Friday, May 22, 2009

It's about time...

It's about time I told you what's going on in our ministry here:

To begin with I have to tell you that living with 2 pioneering "dynamos" (Michele will hate me for saying that, but it is true) is a great encouragement. Chad and Michele's commitment to finding deserving ones and keeping them motivated is amazing. I really enjoy going with Michele on her studies because I learn alot. Having said that I have been praying that I could find someone myself, but I wasn't sure if I was totally ready to go it alone. Well this morning I worked with Fanny, a lovely pioneer sister but a little simple and when I went with her to her return visit, I kind of had to take over to start the study off for her. It felt good to be able to do it all without too much hiccup. Then when we made it back to the group (3/4 of an hours walk back, through mud and up lots of hills), we found they had finished the territory. Thankfully I was feeling very motivated and as we were passing a house that I recalled Bekky M had placed a book at (she is not in our congo, so I wasn't stealing her call) Mark and I called in. The girl is very interested and so we started a study right there and then with her. A good morning all round, even though I am now exhausted from all the walking.

There is good things happening in the English group as well. The brothers witness to anyone that looks like they speak the lingo - usually they are tourists of course and not here for long. However at the last English meeting a couple from America accepted the invitation to attend. She had been praying to understand the bible. Of course they received the BT book and when someone said to her that she could ask the witnesses when they next called at her door, she said she had never been contacted before as her house is very difficult to find. How cool that while on vacation here in Ecuador, Jehovah made it possible for her to find the truth. At the same meeting there was a family from Pakistan although they got an urgent phone call that meant they could not stay.

Someone that has been on my mind is Nery (our neighbor from the old apartment). Because I had been sick we haven't caught up with her for awhile but this afternoon my conscience would not let up any longer so we trudged over to see her. She was so excited to see us and did she have some hard questions for us to answer. One thing for sure is when you don't have a spanish speaker with you it really makes you work hard. But we answered her questions about the soul and also the real doozy that she threw at us - "what do I do about the bad spirits that are affecting my sleep?". Hopefully we gave her some good advice but the best thing was that thankfully I remembered the article in the May mags about such things.

We have great excitment happening soon with the remodelation of our Salon del Reino starting the the 11th of June. We will be very busy for 4 to 6 weeks. I will fill you in on that soon.


kambelina said...

Thank you for the upbuilding experiences. I am so happy that you have been having a good time in the ministry.

catherine said...

Yes Beth all these experiences that you relate to us are very encouraging. Keep up the good work but we still miss you.

Kylee said...

Hi you two! After a morning of meeting appethetic people and no interest, its so awesome reading your experiences! Thank you! :) :) :)