Saturday, April 10, 2010

Early Saturday Morning

Wendy does her stuff at the bus stop

I had a great day yesterday with some of the local pioneers taking me out on their early morning start at the bus stops and then we hit the market. It was extremely enjoyable especially the little treat at the end of the morning which you can see us tucking into. It's called a GOLDIE and is it yummy!! Fried Bread spread with butter and Golden Syrup (cane syrup). Decadent and delicious! Of course I am hoping to walk off all the fattening food I am eating, when I get back to Ecuador - oh that's right there is decadent and delicious food there too!


The Planning Manning's said...

Hey those are our pioneers and our market! Good to seeing you getting among them Aunty Beth while your down here. xo

Elizabeth NOT in Ecuador said...

So how come you never told me about the "Goldies" before Sharon? I might have come down earlier if I had known!