Friday, April 9, 2010

Quick report from Wellington - the capital of NZ - which is at the bottom of the North Island.

View from Catherines deck - as you can see it is very hilly in this part of the country!
I took this photo this morning on my phone camera - way in the distance you can see the South Island.

As I told you - we have come down here to do a pioneer week or two with my sister (actually I came down on Tuesday and Mark follows me tomorrow). So far we have not been spanish witnessing - that will happen next week - but I have been having an excellent time with Catherine. Lots of interest, placements and bible discussions. There is a lot of different nationalities here and so you never know who is going to answer the door. I had an interesting experience yesterday when I approached a lady in the street (Catherine was getting us some hot chips for lunch, cause it was freezing - but that is another story) and we had a nice little discussion. She had some stress going on in her life so was unhappy. After showing her a scripture she made the comment that whenever she had needed someone - a Jehovah's Witness always turns up! Really not coincidence is it - you never know - she may click on to that one day!

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