Thursday, April 1, 2010

So excited!!!

No it's not news that we have sold the house but it's still pretty darn exciting.

My sister and her son-in-laws are auxiliary pioneering this month (April) and we have decided to go down to Wellington and support them for a couple of weeks. Last night one of the guys phoned to say that he had been talking to a brother who is actually from Brazil so speaks Portuguese but he has many Spanish speaking calls and studies. He translated the Memorial for 18 people! There is no official group in Wellington as yet but it probably won't be too far away. Anyway apparently they have lots of green slips to action but have not the time or manpower to get to all of them. So the upshot is they are going to get us involved in making these calls. We are really looking forward to it and hopefully we can be of some use.

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AJ and Jordanne said...

That's awesome!!! Have fun using your Spanish, and may Jehovah bless that Spanish-speaking field!!