Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A quick update on our Colombian  Lady. 
This morning I text-ed her to see if I could pop around sometime today and before 2 minutes had passed she called and said would 11 o'clock be ok. So Amanda and I knocked on her door (albeit a little timidly as I was unsure if her man would be there).
She invited us inside and we had an interesting hour with her. She said that she had been praying to God for answers and immediately after - my text came in (that's last weeks one). She is a very passionate lady and very expressive so we had to listen to long stories about her life but that's quite typical with the South American Culture so I am used to that. She does have a bit of a problem that is going to be a bit hard to overcome - but more on that later. Just suffice to say - we will be going back next week with the intention of studying - Where are the Dead?


Chad and Michele said...

Just getting yourself warmed up for the Ecuadorian harvest, eh? haha Just kidding...good job Beth...we are proud of you!

AJ and Jordanne said...

Sounds like the angels are directing ~ very encouraging!