Saturday, May 29, 2010

So how goes it with the wall you may ask?

One look at my face should tell you all!
Thankfully the next door neighbor came and gave us a hand  - NZ's are known for that sort of thing (whatever - they are only known for that sort of thing if the neighbors are family - and Graeme is my Brother-in-law!).

 So at this stage of the game we are still digging and removing blocks - hopefully though this week we can start the rebuilding. It has been really bad weather here with more rain than we've had all year falling in the last few days - isn't that just typical! Anyway we are still remaining positive and hope to have some good news in the very near future!

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catherine said...

Keep being positive and remember if you cant get back to Ecuador you can always come down here and be need greaters among the Spanish speaking people we have.