Wednesday, October 6, 2010

More new friends

This is Erji and Miika from Finland - but they are serving here on the coast. We were asked if we had a spare bed to put them up and so said - "sure come on over".
It's been absolutely lovely getting to know them and it never ceases to amaze me that we get to meet people from all over the world! We took them to the meeting last night and everyone there was so excited to meet them because they thought Miika was our son! Another child added to our international family (lots of people think either Michele or Chad is our kid too).
Busy week, this week as we have the CO and his wife visiting - I didn't go to meet the afternoon group with Mark today though as I had a huge morning this morning. I was supposed to have 3 studies and about 5 RV's lined up but after walking all over the territory - ended up with only finding one of my studies home! (She was worth it though). That's the way it goes here sometimes - same as in other countries - the finding of interested ones home again is the hardest part! Anyway onward and upward - so the saying goes!


ArtfeltDesigns said...

I love reading about all the needgreaters there in Cuenca. You have a wonderful attitude toward Jehovah's service. So good you could help the congregation there.

I was in Mexico for a short time & got to work with an English Cong. there. It was the greatest time! I'm working on my Spanish now :)

You all are in my prayers.
Your Sis in New Hampshire,

Linda Struble

Elizabeth in Ecuador said...

Gracias Hermana Linda. Tu eres muy amable! Sigan adelante con tu espaƱol!
Saludos de Cuenca