Saturday, October 16, 2010

Telephone Witnessing

Today our Chinese group had our first telephone witnessing group. I personally haven't had much practice at telephone witnessing in English, so I was pretty nervous as was everyone else. Last month when we went to the jungle one of our goals was to get as many phone numbers as possible. Of course the goal is to start studying with them by phone because they live so far away.
We called 7 numbers this morning, most very successful. We shared scriptures and all were happy to hear that we would call back soon. I've put a video on, and just to let you know - I did do it, but of course I couldn't (and didn't want to) video myself.


Elizabeth in Ecuador said...

Bien hecho todos!

Aaron said...

Good work! do you have people who cant speak english in your group? if so how is thier chinese?

The Kinlocher's said...

excellent insight thanks for that Amanda

Carol :) said...

Wow Amanda!! We do phone witnessing every week here but do to it in another language is outstanding. Well done and I hope the studies continue. Lots of love, "Aunty Carol"

Daniel said...

You guys are legends in your own time! I struggle to do telephone witnessing on my own. The other day I a French sister said - let's do phone witnessing! I said 'okay' and realised what this entailed when she handed me the phone and looked expectantly at me. After all I speak such good English!

At least she didn't pull out a camera! :)