Monday, October 25, 2010

Welcome to the new house
Lounge and formal dining area (posh eh?)

Breakfast Room

Our roomPlenty of Wardrobe space!
Lovely blue bathroom (I'm kidding)

Amanda relaxes in her spacious room

Hospitality Room (fresh new towels and everything)

Laundry area

The courtyard out back - no that is not an outdoors bathroom

Mark doing the job he love best - toilet stuff
Our brand new-nobody-sat-on-it-before Toilet!
Still get a glimpse of the mountains  -just!
So here we are - back online and everything. Chad called from the states and arranged for the internet company to change the connection and the amazing thing was - we didn't spend 2 or 3 days waiting for them to turn up! (I'm telling you - that really is incredible because usually they tell you a day they THINK they may arrive).
Anyway hope the pictures give you some idea of our mansion - we haven't lived like this for years and we feel a bit naughty -   we are supposed to be suffering in some little wooden shack somewhere - right? 
It's been an awfully busy time trying to move and still get our service time in. One thing I have noticed with this shift is that yes we are needgreaters but we must think we have a great need  for stuff - how we collected so much I will never know!
We have also had people staying in our guest room Mikka and Erja for one night and Pedro and Isabel Johnston a couple of times (- you may remember I interviewed them last year - our last C.O and his wife). We have decided to have a room set up specially for visitors because there are always people coming to Cuenca either to check out the place to come and serve in or just on vacation. We will operate on a donation basis as on our missionary visa - we can't earn money while here, so as long as our guests help pay for power/food etc, we are happy to open our home to them. Also looking forward to meeting lots of new people! 
Chad and Michele return this week on Thursday and we are so looking forward to having them back. It's been a busy but fairly quiet 6 weeks without them around.

Oh by the way - the toilet story. We were dismayed (you have an imagination - use it) to find that 2 of the 4 toilets did not work properly so after the deluge that occurred one night I rang the landlady. She came right over and we explained that Mark had the ability to fit new ones if they brought them. They arrived Saturday afternoon - and new basins because they couldn't match the colours (imagine that). So now Mark has been working to get them all fitted before C & M come home - good times!


The Crazy's said...

Great update, so nice to see where you are living and can imadgin it. Yes it really looks like you are doing it hard, there in your little Hut. Its very tempting to come over. Does your homestay accept children under 6 ?

Aaron said...

Hey - so where will i sleep? also chase and peniti?

Elizabeth in Ecuador said...

Aaron you are out in the servants quarters - Nic you and all your boys are most welcome! Please come soon! (oh not too soon cause we are booked up till end of January)
What you also don't see is we have an large office next to our room - Chad has one out back and an extra space at the top of the stairs we could also use as sleeping space - so come on over!

Sara aka Jasmine said...

Your house is beautiful! AND your own laundry room! WOW. Well i am very happy for you all that you are somewhere comfortable and least it looks safe haha. Miss you all! Hope to come back again!!

Chad and Michele said...

WOW!!! We sure a more excited about coming home now! haha
See you in a few days!

The Kinlocher's said...

whew thats a bit too flash for us to visit! Mum wants to know how many bedrooms?

Judy A said...

WOW. Looks like a house we saw on House Hunters(TV Show).Seems like th 5 of you will have plenty of room to spread out. We're happy for you all. Doug and I are thinking of coming in the spring. How soon do we need to make reservaations?

Elizabeth in Ecuador said...

Yay Judy - come on down, looking forward to having you stay in our hospitality room - but do you mind telling when your spring is?

AJ and Jordanne said...

What a beautiful place! A great place to come home to after a loooong, tiring day trekking in the mountains in service!!! Exactly what you need!

catherine said...

Love the house I do hope we get to see it sometime.
My next trip away may be in 2 years more time.

kambelina said...

That's pretty fancy!!

Marisa said...

Looks lovely! Wish I could come visit. xxx

Elizabeth in Ecuador said...

Come on over Marisa - all you need is the arifare!