Saturday, November 20, 2010

A couple of Brits join our multicultural home for a visit

Ben and Louisa from England - having a laugh!
Just look at these 2 desserts - aren' they a work of art?
5 Brave Souls

Too late to back out now Louisa

My face says it all

Relief that I am actually still alive

Mark thinks he is George of the Jungle
So we have been having fun with our new friends Louisa and Ben from England - last night we went to an awesome restaurant which I just had to include the pictures of the desserts, they were so cool (and delicious). Today we went zip lining - it was a lot of fun - I have to own up that I only did two lines - not 5 but at least I tried!


Carol :) said...

You are soooo brave my friend Beeeth. Wow, talk about have a go at anything. Was it really hard to let go????

AJ and Jordanne said...

Tiestos!! Oh, how I miss Tiestos!!!

The Scottys said...

Totally awesome beth, yep sounds like Mark "george of the jungle" hope he didnt hit any trees!
Amanda your looking great and kia ora to your english friends.
Will email you soon bethy boo, always encouraging to hear from you.
xxx the scottys

ArtfeltDesigns said...

Wow must be happy you did the zip line! I think it would be great fun. And I'm so jealous of your accelerated Spanish class; I've been working on it on my own. Keep conjugating those verbs Sis!

Your sister in NH,